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Oh, just the best damn product locator ever! That’s all. NBD. You make an amazing product and the world needs to know about it. You want to make it super easy to find your amazing product.  All your options (until now!) were either ugly, difficult to use … or both. So we fixed that.  (and added some cool marketing tools too)

What Makes Mappie Better?
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What makes us better?

So glad you asked.

It’s easy!

It’s easy!

Getting started with Mappie couldn’t be easier. All we need is basic product location info, and our system will figure out the rest.  It can even fix address errors. Then Mappie remembers it for next time. Pretty smart, huh?

It’s beautiful.

It’s beautiful.

Tired of old-school-looking maps? We think Mappie is the best looking locator map on the market. You can even customize your own branding. See for yourself — test it with your own data!

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It's smart!

It’s smart!

Can your current locator connect directly from your product pages? Or let you know if a customer requested your product in their area? Or create a shareable, pre-filtered, link to your product map? Or offer driving directions and hours of business? Probably not. Unless you already have Mappie. In which case, high five!

You’re gonna

love this

  • Upload your product spreadsheets as often as you like
  • Unlimited products and retail locations
  • Location listings automagically display a list of products offered, business hours, driving directions and social share buttons
  • Customize Mappie with your brand’s color scheme and fonts.
  • Create share links for maps pre-filtered by product and/or location. Finally, right?
  • Mappie works with ANY website

Try Mappie for free! After 30 days, pay just $149/month*.

*Pricing based on number of location listings. Most users will pay $149/month.

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Have questions about how Mappie can drive direct product sales? Ways Mappie makes your retailers happy? How will work with your current website or software? What brand customizations we can offer? Future features we’ll be adding? Cool, give us a shout!

Oh, and we can even set up a custom demo using your products. Just ask!

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